Hydrogen de-embrittlement

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The development of hydrogen brings about the embrittlement of steel. Hydrogen develops during the varous stages of treatment, especially during the preparation and electro-plating.

On steel having a tensile strength higher than  100 N/mm it is a must to carry out a treatment of hydrogen de-embrittlement in order to prevent the parts from breaking.
The treatment of hydrogen de-embrittlement is implemened by heating the coated parts in a furnace under a temperature of 180-200°C.
It is necessary to keep the parts under such a temperature for at least two hours to ensure an effective de-embrittlement.
However, as mentioned in the standards, it is not possible to guarantee a total absence of hydrogen.
We have therefore laid down a process management that guarantees to the customer the compliance with the relevant treatment cycle.

This condition is provided thanks to our furnace installations that enable us to de-embrittle 10 tons of material with four customer-tailored cycles at the same time.