GBG EREDI DI Brocca Gianfranco di Anna Ballabio Brocca e C snc

The eco-friendly surface plating company

Our Company’s goal is to provide our customers with a service consistent with the requirements laid down in the order specifications, so as to obtain the best results in terms of quality and lead times, in line with the professional ethics and the directives of the relevant standards.

Our main goals are translated into the accurate observance of the delivery times and in general of any agreements stipulated, with a particular view to:

  1. Operating with a  quality system in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008;
  2. Monitoring the quality system through the detection of customer’s satisfaction degree , the implementation of internal inspection controls, the detection of non-conformities and customer’s claims;
  3. Defining the quality targets  (improvement plans) at management level and reviewing the effectiveness of those previously laid down;
  4. Keeping such a policy under control through  internal inspection controls on regular basis.

Our company endeavours to make available all means and resources necessary for the set-up and keeping of such a Quality System.

The Quality System  we have introduced is described in our Quality Manual; all our staff is obliged to comply with the procedures and documentation laid down therein, which are brought to their knowledge by affixing them onto a show-case.